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This year's Unifest will once again have many digital elements in addition to the "Graduation Walk." Check out www.universitaetsfest.uni-bonn.de and create your own graduation video, send digital greetings, and place photos and messages for the graduating class of 2021!

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News from the University


Rector Michael Hoch to start second term

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Michael Hoch, rector of the University of Bonn since 2015, has received the certificate of appointment for his second term from 2021 to 2025 at the Ministry of Culture and Science in Düsseldorf. Minister of Science Isabel Pfeiffer-Poensgen hands over certificate of appointment. He had been re-elected by the Electoral Assembly of the University in fall 2020. Read more

ZEF/University of Bonn

DAAD funds two new global centers at the University of Bonn

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is funding a total of eight interdisciplinary "Global Centers" to address global challenges in a new program. The University of Bonn is involved in two of the projects: One project focusses on the future of African savannahs and the other on early detection and management of infection risks in West Africa. The funds are granted by the German Federal Foreign Office and amount to around 2.8 million euros per center until 2025. Read more

News from your Alumni Network


Alumni Online: Recognizing emotions of others - key to career success or overrated ability in the worksplace? with Dr. iris Kranefeld (May 31st, 7 p.m., in German)

It is not uncommon for us to hear statements in our everyday lives about how much more significant emotional intelligence is in comparison to classic, "academic" intelligence in professional life. Using the concrete example of the ability to correctly recognize non-verbally expressed emotions of other people, we will take a look at what role this ability really plays in the workplace from a scientific point of view - and what role it does not play. Registration required. Read more

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Two start-up teams from the University of Bonn with alumni win the NUK business plan competition

A successful evening for start-up projects from science. These are the words to describe the 26th NUK Business Plan Competition, which took place in Cologne at the beginning of May 2021. The two teams ClingTechBionics and RecaPen, with members from the University of Bonn and closely supervised by the advisors from the Transfer Center enaCom, won first and second prize. Their business plans and highly competent teams convinced the jury. RecaPen also won the audience award for the best pitch. Read more


17.05., 07.06., 14.06., 21.06.2021, 5 p.m.: What remains when Corona leaves? (in German)
For more than a year, the Corona pandemic has had the world firmly in its grip. The pandemic has also had a serious impact on universities. Lectures in the lecture hall became video conferences from the comfort of one's own home. Large scientific conferences at home and abroad became digital meetings on the computer at home. It is already foreseeable that Corona will continue to influence everyday life in the future. But what will teaching, research and collaboration in administration look like after the pandemic? What role will digitization play in this? How will universities shape the transformation? In four events, which are also open to the public, the University of Bonn wants to initiate a discussion about these pressing questions Read more

17.06.2021, 5 p.m.: ReStart Talk: "Why are children more expensive for female lawyers than for female doctors? Flexible Working Hours and the Wage Losses of Mothers" with Prof. Aline Bütikofer (in German)
According to the Federal Statistical Office, women in Germany earned an average of 19 percent less than men in 2020. Or to put it another way, men received an average of EUR 4.37 more for each hour worked. This pattern is also confirmed internationally. The wage gap widens especially after the birth of the first child. Highly qualified, high-earning women in particular earn significantly less with a child than men in the same job. One key reason: inflexible working hours. In the upcoming ReStart Talk, Prof. Aline Bütikofer will present the occupational groups for which the wage losses are particularly high and the long-term effects of a lack of flexibility for mothers. Registration required. Read more

10th anniversary of the International Choir of the University of Bonn

What does internationality sound like? Our alma mater has a musical answer to that question. The International Choir of the University of Bonn has been resounding for ten years. To celebrate the anniversary, 120 current and former singers and new friends from two partner universities are singing together in a digital choir project.

Watch the anniversary video "Man in the Mirror"!

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