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The International Choir and the General Student Committee (AStA) of the University of Bonn invite you to a "Singing Human Chain" next Sunday, March 20, 2022, at 4 pm. At the solidarity event, a human chain will be formed from the University's main building in the city center to the United Nations on the UN campus. The highlight: all participants will sing the song "Give peace a chance" in coordination. Everyone who wants to stand up for peace is invited to join in.

Those who want to participate, can register at for one of the six locations of the chain and then come there punctually between 15:30 and 15:55 on Sunday. Volunteers will then point the way into the human chain, with arrows additionally marking the way. People can also sign up via the website if they would like to volunteer to help with the campaign.

It is requested to comply with the mask requirement for events of this kind. To enable a safe human chain, the organizers ask for creativity: Items such as scarves, ribbons or Hawaiian chains should be brought along to close the human chain and ensure distance.

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Moderate GDP Decline if Russian Energy Imports Stopped

If the German government were to stop Russian energy imports, the German economy would be able to adapt to the new situation. This is shown in a recent study by the research team led by economists Prof. Dr. Moritz Schularick and Prof. Dr. Moritz Kuhn, members of the ECONtribute Cluster of Excellence at the Universities of Bonn and Cologne. The study has been published as "ECONtribute Policy Brief". Read more


Universitätsfest 2022

The University Festival 2022 is casting its shadow ahead! You can already find the digital offerings such as individual graduation videos and greetings at On Saturday, June 25, 2022 the University Festival will take place on the Hofgartenwiese with a stage program, the traditional "hat toss" and an open-air concert by the band Druckluft. Members of the current graduating class and up to three accompanying persons can register until May 28. Read more

Martin Thomé

New exhibition at the University Museum Bonn: Photographs by Martin Thomé

From March 6th, 2022, the University Museum of the University of Bonn shows photographs by Martin Thomé under the title "Schemen". His pictures thematize the loss of unambiguity and at the same time point to various demarcations. The exhibition runs until April 2nd, 2022. Read more

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Alumni Online: History of Ukraine (in German)

On March 7th, 2022 historian and Eastern Europe expert of the University of Bonn Professor Martin Aust was a guest in a special edition of Alumni Online on the topic "History of Ukraine". Did you miss the event? Watch the lecture here: Read more


April 29th, 2022 | 15:00: 5th Bonn Math Night (in German)
For the fifth time, the Hausdorff Center offers a virtual math night. Workshops for children and young people (but also interested adults!) and lectures "for everyone" will show how diverse and fascinating mathematics is. A panel discussion on the formalization of mathematics and machine-based proof methods will address current developments in mathematics. Opportunities, but also limits, will be shown in an entertaining way and the future role of mathematicians will be examined. As always, participation in the Bonner Mathenacht is free of charge, and registration is not required. Read more

May 12th & 13th, 2022: Bonn Science Night
In 2022, the Bonn Science Night will once again present exciting research and science from the Bonn science region in downtown Bonn. The event will take place on May 12 and 13, focusing on the topic of sustainability. Save the Date! Read more

Career - What does that really mean and how do I find the job that suits me?

The University of Bonn Career Service is the first place the University’s students and young graduates should go to address their many queries about anything to do with careers. Regardless of their faculty and degree program, however, one question stands out above all the others: How do I find the job that suits me? During her consultations, Dr. Anke Bohne helps students and graduates find their own individual answers as they search for the right job.
In an interview with alumni coordinator Sabine Höhl, she explains what questions aid career-related decision-making and how the Career Service helps to guide people into the world of work.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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