Principles of the Alumni Network

Grundsätze des Alumni-Netzwerks

Since 2007, the Alumni Network enables networking between former and current students as well as employees from the University of Bonn. Through its services, offers and its specialized and regional groups, the Alumni Network provides many opportunities for keeping in touch with the University of Bonn and for networking both at professional and regional level.

The Alumni Network at the University of Bonn provides its services and offerings to build loyalty and promote networking between the aforementioned groups and the University. This includes contacting other members to facilitate the formation of personal relations, employment, mentoring or internships, the planning of meetings and events as well as fundraising through the Alumni Network team to support the University and its projects. It is not allowed to contact other members in order to sell products or services, raise funds for purposes other than supporting the University and its projects or to organize for political, religious or illegal purposes.

Violation of or non-compliance with the above-stated principles can lead to termination of the Alumni Network membership or, respectively, rejection of the membership application.

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