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Career Forum

In cooperation with faculties and interested seminars and institutes and in cooperation with the Career Service, the Alumni Network of the University of Bonn organizes the event series Career Forum. The aim is to provide students with insights into possible fields of activity and career profiles and to establish contacts between alumni and current students.

During the individual events, three to four alumni of a degree program at the University of Bonn report on their professional field of activity, their careers, and their experiences in choosing a profession and applying for a job. Afterwards, there is the opportunity for discussion and personal contact with the speakers during an informal get-together.

Dates 2023:
03.05.2023: Career Forum and Internship exchange Geography
05.05.2023: Career Forum Franco-German Studies
09.05.2023: Career Forum Asian Studies
13.07.2023: Career Forum North American Studies

Here you can find information about past Career Forum events.

Job Talks for Doctoral Students und Postdocs

At our Job Talks, doctoral students and postdocs gain insights into the wide range of career opportunities open to them with a doctorate. Within one hour, people with doctorates from the fields of business, humanities and science management give a concrete insight into their work. What does the daily routine look like? What prerequisites are needed? What development options are there?

The series of events is a cooperation between the Bonn Graduate Center, Human Resources Development and the Alumni Network

Dates 2023:
13.06.2023: Communication Consulting for Politics and Social Issues

Erfahren Sie hier mehr zu der Veranstaltungsreihe.

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Alumni Online

Lectures on current topics and exciting research at the University of Bonn: Meet Bonn scientists live for online lectures or watch the recordings on this page. Members of the Alumni Network and the University Society receive the latest invitations to Alumni Online by e-mail.

We look forward to seeing you online next time!

Next Dates:
21.02.2022 Excellence in Diversity - current status of the diversity strategies of the university of Bonn.
14.03.2022 Robot Navigation in Human Environments (in English)

14.11.2022 Transdiciplinary Research Areas

Here you can see the recordings of past events.

Alumni Readings

Numerous alumni of the University of Bonn are successful authors in various genres. As part of our reading series, they present excerpts of their works to network members, talk about writing processes, and answer audience questions.

Next Dates:
22.09.2022, 19:00: Patrick S. Narra reads from his own Book „Roter Stern“ (in German)

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Your Alumni Network on Site

At many university events, your alumni network participates with an information booth, an interactive activity or a program item. You will find us at the

  • University Festival,
  • Summer Festival,
  • Science Night,
  • Career Days of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences
  • and the Freshman Welcome.

Visit us at our booth and say hello!

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