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Bonn University Ambassadors

Bonn Alumni as International Academic Contacts

As former visiting researchers of the University, the Bonn University Ambassadors are part of our strong worldwide network
and provide a local point of contact for interested researchers and junior researchers.

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Job Talks
Career event for doctoral students and doctoral graduates

In our Job Talks, doctoral students and doctoral graduates gain insights into the diverse career opportunities open to them with a doctorate!
Together with the Bonn Graduate Center and Human Resources Development, we would like to show a variety of paths after the doctorate!

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Career Forum
Students ask - Alumni answer!

In our career format "Forum Beruf" alumni of a specific department report on their career path!
"How do I make the transition from study to work?", "What opportunities and hurdles will I encounter with my degree?"
You will find the answers here

Dates will be communicated on our website.

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Bonn University Ambassadors
Job Talks
Forum Beruf
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The Alumni-Network

Since 2007, the Alumni Network 19966 connects alumni, staff and active students of the University of Bonn. With its services and offers as well as its departmental and regional groups, the Alumni Network provides a variety of opportunities to stay in touch with the University of Bonn and to network professionally as well as regionally.

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Dear Alumni,

Welcome to the pages of the Alumni Network of the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn!

I cordially invite you to join our alumni community and thus continue to be an active part of the university family.

Beispielvideo Alumni Online

Lectures on current topics and exciting research at the University of Bonn.

Beispielvideo Alumni Online

Karriere – was ist das eigentlich?






Subject-related and regional groups

Bonn University Ambassadors
The Bonn University Ambassadors represent the University of Bonn abroad and are available to interested young scientists as a first point of contact for information about a research stay in Bonn.
Since 2016, members of the Alumni Network have been supporting committed and talented students within the framework of the Deutschlandstipendium! Thanks to the support of our members, a large number of scholarships have already been funded.
Subscribe to our newsletters and the university magazine “forsch” (online edition) and keep up with the news.
As a member of the Alumni Network of the University of Bonn you have the possibility to use your existing address as a forwarding address even after your time at the University of Bonn has ended.
Forum Beruf
In cooperation with the faculties and interested seminars and institutes, the Alumni Network of the University of Bonn organizes the event series "Career Forum" in cooperation with the Career Center.
Internationale Forscher-Alumni
Scientists from all over the world conduct research and teach at the University of Bonn. We are proud of this internationality, which is an outstanding enrichment for Bonn's science and for university life.
Graduates of the University of Bonn find themselves in very different professions and regions of the world. Interesting lifes and success stories of Bonn alumni are regularly portrayed in the university newspaper 'forsch'.
Postkarte mit Zitat Hoffmann von Fallerslebens auf grünem Hintergrund: Die Gedanken sind frei

"Alumni quote" of the week

August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben (1798 - 1874):

Dichter, Hochschullehrer für Germanistik, Sammler und Herausgeber alter Schriften unterschiedlicher Sprachen. Verfasser der späteren deutschen Nationalhymne und zahlreicher Kinderlieder. Studium der Germanistik an der Universität Bonn von 1819 bis 1821.
Quelle: Hoffmann von Fallersleben und Ernst Richter (Herausgeber) – Schlesische Volkslieder mit Melodien, 1842, S.307. „Die Gedanken sind frei“ ist ein altes deutsches Volkslied, das von August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben aufgezeichnet und veröff entlicht wurde.

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