...@uni-bonn.de forwarding address

Continue to be reachable with your ...@uni-bonn.de forwarding address.

As a member of the University of Bonn’s Alumni Network you have the option of continuing to use your existing @uni-bonn.de address as a forwarding address even once your time at the University of Bonn is over. All incoming emails are then directly forwarded to another email address of your choice. That means your contacts are still able to reach you. You can no longer send emails from your @uni-bonn.de address, however.

How to convert your ...@uni-bonn.de email address into a forwarding address

This conversion of your @uni-bonn.de email address into a forwarding address is something you can do yourself. As soon as you receive an email from the University Computer Center (HRZ) saying that your email address will soon be deactivated, you can fill out an application to change it on the HRZ website. This will take you through the process of converting your email address into a forwarding address. Before carrying out this process please ensure that you save all the data from your webmail account locally since you will not be able to access it anymore once the conversion is complete.

How to set up a new forwarding address

If you wish to set up a new forarding address, please send us an e-mail to alumni@uni-bonn.de with the following information:

  • Your name,
  • your preferred ...@uni-bonn.de forwarding address and
  • the e-mail address that you wish your e-mails to be forwarded to.

Important: Please keep your data on the Alumni Portal up to date. We can only offer this service to members we can reach electronically and by post. Forwarding addresses of members for whom this is not the case will be deleted.